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17+ Best Cheap Basement Ceiling Ideas in 2019 [No. 5 Very Nice]

basement ceiling ideas

Basement Ceiling Ideas – In a tiny house where there is no more space left, turning the basement into a cozy room is an excellent choice to do.

But, decorating the basement might be tricky, so you can start from thinking about the amazing basement ceiling ideas. Ready to be comfortable underground?

1.White Wooden Planks

Basement Ceiling Ideas Planks

The simplest way to turn your basement into a restful place is by covering the ceiling with the white wooden planks. It is affordable and can suit any basement’s theme. The white wooden plank can also make a place friendlier

2. Logs in The Top

Basement Ceiling Ideas Log

To give a nuance of mountain cottage, you can use the wooden planks and the woods for the basement ceiling ideas. The basement will become so warm that you want to spend all your day sitting there and drinking chocolate.

3. Regular White Ceiling

Basement Ceiling Ideas Regular White

Use the regular plasterboard as the basement ceiling idea is quite simple, but not always be boring. You can add the beams or the good lighting between the wall and the ceiling so your basement will be much more elegant and can be functioned into either living room or dining room.

4. Dark Barn Wood

Basement Ceiling Ideas Dark Barn Wood

Enhance the villages nuance in your basement using the dark barn woods as the basement ceiling ideas. You can combine it with white wall color or soft-themed wallpaper to make a warm and friendly ambiance inside the basement.

5. The Starry Night

Basement Ceiling Ideas Stary Night

Present the sensation of sleeping under the starry sky in the nighttime by painting your ceiling in black colors. Add some phosphorus dots that resemble the stars shining in the sky. When you turn on the light, the basement will look bold and when you turn it off the miracle happens.

6. Your Mini Bar

Basement Ceiling Ideas Mini Bar

Decorate a corner of your basement with a set of minibar in wood accent, and use the dark barn wood as the ceiling. Also, don’t forget to attach the hanging lamp to the ceiling so that it can be a place that will please you and all of your family members.

7. The Artsy Ceiling

Basement Ceiling Ideas Artsy

The concept permits you to cover the ceiling with some painted tiles. Hence your basement will be more colorful and alive. Balance the looks by using soft color in the flooring and the wall. Use the yellow lamp to enhance the exclusivity

8. Bordered by Bookshelves

Basement Ceiling Ideas Bookselves

The bookshelves basement ceiling ideas are a good idea how you turn regular white ceilings into something unusual. Cover all the edge of your ceiling with the horizontal bookshelves. This thing is the best sanctuary that all bookworms are craving for.

9. The Photo Album

Basement Ceiling Ideas Bookselves Photo Album

Why don’t you try something unique for the basement ceiling ideas? Like putting all of your best memories on it? Print all your favorite photos and stick them into the ceiling, that is how you make a massive difference with affordable price.

10. A Touch of Circle

Basement Ceiling Ideas Torch of Circle

Give a touch of European luxury by giving a circular molding in your regular white basement ceiling. Complete the antiquity with the vintage furniture and the ethnic carpet covering the floor. You can also use the big lamp in the Roman Style.

11. The Retro Style

Basement Ceiling Ideas Retro

Run out of great basement ceiling ideas? Why don’t decorate your regular white ceiling with the diagonal strips? It tricks the brain to think that your basement is wider than it shall be and give you that chic retro style.

12. Dramatic Basement

Basement Ceiling Ideas Dramatic

Remember the place where the old bourgeois family of 20th century dined in a lavish house? That’s what you can feel by covering your basement ceiling and the wall with the dramatic red color. Add other vintage decorations such as wooden photo frame and old-style furniture.

13. Floral Design

Basement Ceiling Ideas Dramatic Floral

Give a feminine look in your ceiling by painting it with the floral design. After you have done with that, you don’t have to try so hard decorating other parts inside your basement because the floral pattern is enough to make your basement less boring.

14. Afternoon Sky

Basement Ceiling Ideas Floral Afternoon Sky

Different from the starry night basement ceiling ideas, this afternoon sky concept is made by using the light-blue paint and the white brush to make the cloud accents. Such a heartwarming experience being there.

15. Shiny Ceiling Idea

Basement Ceiling Ideas Shiny

Worried about having a small basement? You can trick it by using the bright ceiling idea. The ceiling reflects the shadow from everything below, and it can make everybody thinks that your basement is vast. Don’t also forget to install the excellent lighting.

16. Colorful Geometrical Design

Basement Ceiling Ideas Colorful

Nothing can beat the geometrical design to enhance the modern look in every place, including the basement. Try to draw the irregular geometric pattern in your ceiling, and also fill them with multi colors. No space left for boredom, right?

17. Shiny Gold Leaf

Basement Ceiling Ideas Shiny Gold Leaf

Applying the gold leaf ceiling is not as difficult as you think. Make sure that you already have a flat ceiling surface, clean it, apply the gold leaf, and seal it quickly.

That is the way on how to give a lavish touch without trying so hard to buy expensive materials to your basement.

Right basement ceiling ideas as you can pick above can turn your basement into a friendly place. So, no more horror story from the basement.

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