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17+ Basement Remodeling Trends and Ideas to Welcome 2019

basement remodeling ideas

Basement Remodeling – Basement is no longer a dark, abandoned space full of junks in the house. Modern basement remodeling ideas have improved the comfort and functionality of this subterranean space.

From family space to library, the basement can become an important extension of the house. Just make sure you check the room for mold risk before starting the project.

Confused about where to start? Try one of these 17 ideas and trends that will stay in 2019 (and beyond).

1.      Integrated Home Extension


Basement designs often have a different tone and atmosphere from the other house parts. The new trend brings more integrated design to the basement. The room should have the same finishing, color schemes, and the overall look.

2.      Private Movie Theater


Turning basement remodeling into movie theater combines all the best moviegoing experiences. You can enjoy the fantastic sound and visual but without the inconvenient outgoing trip. The basement can be designed like an actual movie theater or something more personal and creative.

3.      Open and Spacious Room


Despite the average sizes, basements are often associated with closed-off and enclosed space. The new design trend brings more open, spacious look. High ceilings, no-barrier design, and bright lighting create a roomy atmosphere. This kind of room can be used into a lot of things, from a lounge room to family entertainment space.

4.      Brewery and Mini Pub


Making craft beer in the basement has been taken to the next level. The new basement remodeling trend is turning the room into a private “pub”, which doubles as a brewery. Pub-like decorations, such as chalkboard with the names of your special craft beer, will add warm charm into the basement.

5.      Wine Cellar with Tasting Space


Storing wine in the basement is common, but it can be upgraded. 2019 trend combines elegant wine cellar with comfortable wine tasting space. Using rustic design and mini bar design with wooden furniture create mini Italian atmosphere.

6.      Upgraded Laundry Room


Basement laundry room can look better than just “dark room with washing machine and dryer”. A bright laundry room with personalized decoration, seating spot, open storage, and spacious working area make routing activities more fun.

7.      Music Room with Home Stage


Music room is a normal idea for basement remodeling. However, adding a home stage will improve the look. Applying modern studio design with a raised stage and comfortable seats turn a basement into a performance venue.

8.      Walkout Basement Home Space


Walkout basement is ideal for a basement room that is not totally submerged. Walkout basement has actual windows that deliver natural light. A door directly connects the room into the outside world.

9.      Art and Craft Studio


Need something more relaxing to pour creative ideas? Basement is a great space to conduct art and craft projects. There is no fear of using materials that are harder to clean, such as glitter and wax. Install storage spaces and lighting fixtures that have unique elements but complement each other.

10.  YouTube Studio


Aspiring YouTubers need proper space to create high-quality video contents. YouTube studio is clearly one of the most popular basement remodeling ideas in 2019. There is much space to create different visual spots for background and add equipment.

11.  Guest Space


Create a cozy guest space by adding a bedroom and a simple seating area in the basement. Light, airy design can reduce the oppressive feeling and make the guests feel comfortable. You can also install a mini bathroom for the guest.

12.  Personalized Gym Room


Modern gym room is more than “sticking fitness equipment to the basement”. Personalized gym room should be welcoming and motivating. Basement gym can have your favorite color schemes and motivational word decals on the walls.

13.  Collector’s Room


Basement is a great space for collector’s sanctuary. Instead of just adding shelves, the basement remodeling project can use the collection theme for decoration. Adjust the color schemes, wall decorations, and lighting types to match the collections.

14.  Home Office


Basement can be a comfortable home office. The room should be bright and airy, imbued with modern office look. Personalized items such as unique “creative space” and wall decorations make the office feel cozier. Avoid clutter to create a cozier working environment.

15.  Multitasking Space for Kids


Kids can have their special multitasking spaces in one basement. The room can be divided into mini craft desk, homework area, and entertainment spot. Bright colors and the kids’ favorite themes can be parts of the decorations.

16.  Personal Library


Modern reading culture is a part of basement remodeling trend in 2019. Turn the basement into booklover’s heaven using modern bookshelves, comfortable armchairs, and proper lighting.

17.  Blogger’s Kitchen


Are you a part of the food blogger community? Turn the basement into the creative kitchen for your blog. Install trendy but timeless kitchen furniture that will suit any look. Add proper lighting fixtures to get the best visuals when photographing the food.

Say goodbye to a dark, scary basement. These basement remodeling ideas will add charm and property value to your house.

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