17+ Popular Bathroom Sink Ideas and Designs in 2019

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bathroom sink ideas
Bathroom sink offers both aesthetic and function, so choosing the right product is important. Many bathroom sink ideas offer something more than regular white ceramic basins. The new sink trends even include natural materials or unusual designs. You can choose the one that suits your personality and interior design. Here are several options you can consider for a new bathroom sink.  

1.      Volcanic Stone Bowl Sink

Volcanic stone is elegant and durable, perfect for a long-lasting bathroom sink. It also has a beautiful dark color and rough but classy shape. You can find volcanic stone sinks with a soft or textured surface. Balinese stone is one of the best materials you can easily find online.  

2.      Porcelain Bowl with Separate Faucet

A decorated ceramic bowl under separate wall faucet gives a regal look. You are free to replace the bowl with other design to suit the mood. However, it is not suitable for people who often use the sink, since it does not have drain holes.  

3.      Transparent Sink

The transparent sink is a new trend in modern bathroom design. The sleek and unobtrusive design makes it perfect for minimalistic design trend. You can pair it with transparent faucet, which is also becoming popular.  

4.      White Sink with Colored Metal

White sink becomes out of the ordinary with colored metal faucets. Bronze or brass creates a luxurious look when paired with an ordinary white sink. To make the look more memorable, choose a sink that has a different look from usual, such as square or round bowl.  

5.      Couple Sinks with Double Round Mirrors

Couple sinks become more amazing when paired with unique mirrors. Round mirrors are unique but easy choices that can replace the square ones. Each sink user gets “exclusive” feeling from the separate sink and round mirrors.  

6.      Decorated Ceramic Basin Sink

Decorated ceramic basin is one of the most elegant bathroom sink ideas. Popular designs include vintage flower patterns, which elevate regular bathroom. The decorated ceramic basin also serves as the focal point in an otherwise plain bathroom.  

7.      Wooden Round Basin Sink

Wooden round basin sink gives an elegant and exclusive look. This is a slightly cheaper choice for natural material than volcanic stone. Wooden sink usually has a special coat to prevent water damage after numerous uses. The natural grain patterns and color make the sink special.  

8.      Corner Sink with Sleek Drawer

Corner sink attached on the sleek drawer is a new trend in modern design. It is perfect for a small property that requires smart space arrangement. The sink may shape like a triangle or circle to fit the corner space.  

9.      Multipurpose Sink

Multipurpose sink has several tools attached to it aside from the faucets. There is a soap place, draining panel, and a special spot to place bathroom supplies. This is a modern construction that follows the trend of modern living.  

10.  Repurposed Barrel

Repurposed barrel creates a unique look in a vintage bathroom. The barrel’s body camouflages the plumbing system behind its large construction. You can install a basin-style sink or drill the barrel’s top to place top-mount sink.  

11.  Stone Basin Sink on Glass Pebble Countertop

This specific design consists of basin/bowl stone sink on a countertop with glass panel surface. The space between the glass panel and the actual countertop surface is filled with decorative pebbles. It creates a “Zen” look that makes a bathroom visit more relaxing.  

12.  Rustic Natural Log Sink

Shaping a rustic log into an actual sink countertop gives a bathroom unique twist. The uneven shape and natural grain patterns make the sink area look “alive.” The sink itself can be a regular white porcelain piece, either with a basin, top-mount, or undermount style.  

13.  Long Sink with Separate Mirrors

If two people are using one small bathroom, one long sink is better than two separate sinks. Long sink saves more space and can be installed in one go. Separate mirrors give more space and exclusivity.  

14.  Black Sink and Countertop

Black sink and countertop defy the common white trend. Black gives your bathroom more drama and eye-catching visual element. Sleek, glossy black sinks are available in marble or ceramic ones. Black countertop and drawer make the sink even more dramatic.  

15.  White Sink with Black Faucets

Upgrade a regular white sink with glossy black faucets. These faucets are available online and popular for modern bathroom designs. To create a strong look, choose a square white sink instead of round or oval to match the faucets.  

16.  Farmhouse Metal Sinks with Wooden Countertop

Farmhouse-style metal sinks look great when paired with the wooden countertop. They create rural touch in a modern bathroom. Adding bronze faucets will add the rustic look.  

17.  Floating Stone Sink

Floating stone sink creates extra leg space while still looking beautiful. The sink requires expert installation because the material makes it heavy. This sink is perfect for a small bathroom, especially when paired with bronze faucets.  

18.  White Sink with Colorful Backsplash

  White sink looks better if you pair it with colorful backsplash. Choose tiles with your favorite bright colors and patterns. Brass faucets add a luxurious feel for such design.   These bathroom sink ideas are unique, beautiful, and creating an exceptional look. Choose one of these ideas to improve your sink area.  

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