17 Unique Bedroom Lighting Ideas to Improve Ordinary Rooms

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bedroom lighting ideas

You don’t need to spend much on improving an ordinary bedroom. Installing the right lamp turn a regular room into unique space, and accommodate specific functions. These bedroom lighting ideas are not only unique but also in-tune with 2019 trends. Here are 17 inspirations to illuminate your room.

1.      Celestial Chandeliers


Celestial chandeliers are more dramatic than regular ones, perfect for improving a simple room. Celestial chandeliers are inspired by space objects, with circular designs that reflect shining stars (or sun) — a perfect shape to match modern human’s interest in space and sky.

2.      Repurposed Wooden Lamp


Using repurposed wood to form chandelier/pendant lamp reflects environmentally-friendly atmosphere. You can find wooden lamps easily at online stores, or even make your own. The rustic or asymmetrical shape makes the lamp more interesting.

3.      Modern Ring Fixtures


Ring fixtures are identical with European or Mediterranean houses. However, modern ring lamps are suitable for urban homes. These lamps are often slightly smaller or thinner, suitable for modern bedrooms.

4.      Edison Bulb Chandelier


Edison bulbs create a unique vintage look in any room. One bulb is impressive enough, so imagine if a chandelier consists of Edison bulbs. These chandeliers often have contemporary or industrial designs. They will make a simple room more eye-catching. You can also arrange several bulbs in one stiff structure.

5.      Pendant Lamps with Matte Shades


Matte surfaces are in the rage in 2019. You can apply them to lamps by installing pendant lamps with matte shades. Regardless of color, the matte surface will create a deeper dimension in the room. Experiment with color that reflects your personality.

6.      Square Wall Scones


Instead of hanging lamp, try installing wall scones near your activity areas. These lamps are great to create atmosphere, especially with dimmer light. Square light scones look more modern than the traditional ones. Try finding lamps with seamless design and lack of clean lines in their design.

7.      Hidden LED Lights


You cannot see these lights until you turn them on! Hidden LED lights are new alternatives in modern bedroom lighting ideas. They are built behind certain corners of creases. When you turn on the system, the lamps emit lights on strategic spots. This technology usually has a small control panel.

8.      Built-in Headboard Lamps


Headboard lamps are more practical options than regular bedside ones. The lamps are positioned near your heads, and you can adjust the positions. These lamps often have moveable frames that can be folded or moved around.

9.      Ceramic Pendant Lamps


Ceramic pendant lamps are artsy and colorful, especially if you paint the ceramics yourself. Ceramic pendant lamps also look elegant, because many of them have a reflecting surface. If you like making ceramic crafts, they can add personal touches.

10.  Eye-catching Bronze/Pewter Pendants


Bronze or pewter pendants are popular in 2019 design trends. Unique lamps that have nontraditional designs will make your bedroom more interesting. Now, you can find lamps with shapes such as heart, flower, star, and many more.

11.  Fur-covered Bedside Lamps


Fur-covered bedside lamps will immediately draw the eyes. These lamps use faux fur, which is cheaper and more ethical than the real one. When installing fur-covered lamps, make sure the locations are far enough from the floor. This is to prevent the fur from catching flying dust and dirt.

12.  Clear Glass Pendant Lamps


The clear glass pendant lamp is a simple concept that offers a unique look. The clear shade emphasizes the form. Glass shade also decorates the room without looking too prominent. It also goes well with any decorations and colors.

13.  Bubble Chandeliers


Bubble chandeliers are the more “joyful” version of regular ones. The bubble formation makes the lamp more youthful, perfect for kid’s and teen’s bedroom. If you want something more adult, choose bubble chandeliers with off-white or cream color.

14.  Pendant Lamp with Sphere Frames


Sphere frames are simple but beautiful, even if you just install one bulb. The circular frames can be “naked” to convey strength and characteristics. However, the shape is perfect for paper flower or colorful fabric decorations.

15.  Butterfly-shaped Scones

Butterfly-shaped scones are now available easily at various online shops. The shapes are unique, slightly futuristic, but still with a little vintage sensibility. These lamps are perfect to be installed near the bathroom door, headboard, or windows.

16.  Gilded Metal Lamps


Metal lamps may look strong and noble, but they are lack finesse. Gilded lamps turn regular metal lighting fixtures into works of art. Even the simplest metal lamps will look luxurious and elegant.

17.  Tripod Lamps


Want to use something precious and functional? Tripod lamps are your answers. They are often repurposed from vintage camera stores (or flea market). You can easily move them around, making it perfect as a functional lamp in a spacious bedroom.

Having unique lighting fixtures in your bedroom will greatly improve it. Try one of these bedroom lighting ideas to create a great atmosphere in the building. Even the simplest design will make everyone’s eyes attracted to the lamp.

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