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19 Cozy and Splendid Finished Basement Ideas for 2019

finished basement ideas

Whatever size your house is, you deserve the cozy finished basement ideas. And which idea that can fit you next year? Don’t still on the fence, let’s see:

1.The Home Gym

Finished Basement Ideas Gym

When you run out of space in your tiny home, there will also be the way to be healthy. What about the home gym? You have to cover the wall and ceilings in white colors than prepare some gymnastic equipment.

2. A Home Theater

Finished Basement Ideas Home Theatre

You can also present the mini theater in your basement, and make it like the real theater. Use the black ceiling and cover the wall with red velvet wallpaper. Put a big flat TV and also your movie collections on the shelves.

3. The Private Bar

Finished Basement Ideas privet bar

After you come back from the office, all you want to do is enjoying the nice drink while talking with your best friends. Why don’t do that in your basement? Turn your basement into a private bar where you can talk about anything there.

4. A Nice Kitchen

Finished Basement Ideas Kitchen

People want to have a good and complete kitchen set, but unfortunately, they don’t have more space left. You can do that by turning your basement into a beautiful kitchen. The modern and minimalist concept is the best to apply to the basement

5. The Brick Bar

Finished Basement Ideas Brick Bar

The brick bar is a kind of classic style that never gets old even in the modern time. The brick bar defines the real luxury for you who values the luxurious wine and the way to drink it. You can also store your collection of expensive wine there.

6. The Children’s Playroom

Finished Basement Ideas childrens playroom

Make your beloved children’s dream come true by making the playroom as the finished basement ideas. What you will need is just a video game player, a TV, a soccer table, and also the playful wallpaper.

7. It’s Jacuzzi Time

Finished Basement Ideas Jacuzzi

If you have enough time and money to do a significant renovation, why don’t you turn your basement into a beautiful pool spa? That will be such a stress-reliever for you. It might be high in cost, but as a busy person, you deserve it.

8. The Contemporary Living Room

Finished Basement Ideas Contemprorary

The living room in contemporary style is one of the most favorable styles because it is so sleek and looks so simple. Provide this as the finished basement ideas by using the bold color around, enough yellow lighting, and wood flooring.

9. The Library

Finished Basement Ideas Library

Every bookworm craves for the library, but what to do when you have a tiny home? Present the library right in your basement. Use the minimalist wallpaper, warm wood flooring, and some bookshelves.

10. The Office Space

Basement Finishing Ideas On A Budget Basement Ideas On A Budget Wood Floor Ideas For Finished Basement Best Model

Either you are a hard working person, or you work remotely from home, you deserve a private space that can support all your work. Put all your desk, notebook, and the working documents in the basement and make it your exclusive working space. You can also add a sofa for resting.

12. Adult Playroom

Finished Basement Ideas adult playroom

Even the adults need to take a break. Turn the basement into a playroom with a billiard table in medium size, sofa, and maybe the electric fireplace. Enhance the funky look by playing with the multi colors like blue, yellow, and red.

13. Basketball Court

Finished Basement Ideas badroom

This idea is the kind of heaven on the earth that the sports lovers will love. We don’t need too big space to have a baseball court. You can also make it as the finished basement ideas. Pay attention to the detail like the flooring, wallpaper that resembles the stadium seats, and even lighting.

14. Laundry Space

Finished Basement Ideas Laundry

You can also make the basement a cozy place for laundry by putting the washing machine, stick the bright wallpaper and set the bright sofa so that the basement won’t look too gloomy.

15. The Bedroom for All

Finished Basement Ideas badroom

No more space left for the comfortable children room? Why don’t make the basement as a spacious room for the children? You can install some bunk beds with the marine concept that is not only useful as a single bedroom for many children but also a playroom

16. Music Room

Finished Basement Ideas Music Room

Are you a DJ or a musician? Or do you make the music as your hobby? Instead of letting your basement become an unused place, turn it into a soundproof music room. Put all of your musical instrument, DJ table, and install the acoustic foam to the wall.

17. Natural Bathroom

Finished Basement Ideas privet bar

Run out of space to make a comfortable bathroom with a beautiful walk-in shower and bath-tub? Design the finished basement with the natural bathroom concept. Use the pebble tiles in the wall, wood flooring, and don’t forget to put some indoor plants.

18. Adult Additional Bedroom

Finished Basement Ideas Adult additional

You can have your private bedroom, or having another one for the guest in the basement. You can even place a television, sofa, and also make a tiny walk-in shower there. Use the contemporary concept with the domination of wood material to enhance simplicity and luxury.

19. The Creative Corner

Finished Basement Ideas Creative

At some points, you think to make some crafts in your house, but you don’t have a big space or too afraid that your living room will be in a mess. How about turning the basement into a creative art space? Paint the wall in joyful color to brighten your idea.


So, what finished basement ideas that might suit you?

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