17+ Industrial Interior Design Ideas to Welcome 2019

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industrial interior designs

For those who like “edge” in their house interiors, industrial interior design is a perfect choice. The design provides raw charm from “unfinished” look and rich material textures. Modern industrial design has been popular in coffee shops, bookstores, studios, and private residences.

There are various ways you can incorporate industrial look in your homes. Here are the examples.

1.      Industrial-style Decorations for Elegant Interior


If you don’t want to go “full industrial,” keep only the most visible fixtures. Install a metal neon lamp or visible sprinkler plumbing. You can paint the plumbing to match the wall color. These decorations add industrial look without looking too obvious.

2.      Rustic White Bricks


Red brick walls are common in industrial design trend. However, you can create a twist by switching to white bricks. They create a soothing effect, in the opposite of red bricks that create the warm or energized look. White bricks also look great when paired with black furniture.

3.      Graphic Illustration on Accent Wall


Add a personal touch with a graphic illustration on the accent wall. If you use brick walls, choose one wall to be painted with solid color, and add graphics decal or mural. This accent wall can be the background for a seating area or reading spot.

4.      Brick Wall for Accent


Brick wall goes great as an accent wall, allowing you to choose a different paint color for the other walls. A brick wall can be placed behind a fireplace or as a background of the seating area. Red bricks are great with warm or earth colors.

5.      Edison Bulb Chandeliers


Create an industrial look with chandelier by choosing one with Edison bulbs. These bulbs offer a vintage look that resembles old factories. This chandelier type is perfect if you want a bold and unique look.

6.      Concrete Walls and Floor


Concrete is a common feature in industrial interior design, but you can take a further step by applying it to all surfaces. Concrete walls and floor create a seamless look, which gives a relaxing effect.

7.      Open Shelves with Iron Pipes


Improve your wall shelves by adding iron pipes to hold them. The pipes secure the shelves more properly to the wall. However, they also have decorative functions, perfect for those who like bold designs. These pipes can be painted to match the shelves and walls.

8.      Open-style Room with High Ceiling


Industrial design brings factory aesthetic to the house, including the open space and high ceiling. Incorporate these elements in your interior, regardless of the room function. Adding ceiling beams and fans also help to create more “factory-like” visual.

9.      Minimalistic Room with String Bulb


The minimalistic industrial room may consist of faded brick walls, black and white furniture, and string bulb as the lamp. Few embellishments make the room more relaxing. Add some unique decorations or wall arts to create more personality.

10.  Spacious Kitchen and Dining Area


Merging kitchen and dining area in one large space helps to create an industrial feel. You can use the wooden or concrete floor, with metal chandelier lamps places on several spots. Long, square table creates a cafeteria-like appearance.

11.  Industrial Room with Dark Floor


Make your industrial room more interesting by installing the dark floor. Use coated wooden panels with glossy black color. Pair them with faded or white brick walls to create contrast. Install dark ceiling to match the floor, but not as dark to prevent cramped feeling.

12.  Industrial Interior with Repurposed Objects


Repurposed objects, such as crates, pipes, and even gears can make the industrial look more eye-catching. You can arrange gears on the walls as decorations. Large wooden crates may serve as coffee table or bookshelf.

13.  Color Bursts in Industrial Design


Industrial designs often rely on cool and earthy colors. Add energizing visual with bursts of colors. You can throw in sofa pillows or chair cushions with bright colors, such as yellow, blue, pink, or orange. Pick curtains or rugs with subtle patterns that show different colors.

14.  Pipe and Bulb Lightings


Many houses and establishments with industrial designs have seen lighting fixtures from pipes and Edison bulbs. These creations are hung from the ceiling or attached to the wall. They create a rough decorative element that adds personality to any room.

15.  Washed Wood and Concrete “Gallery”


Choosing washed the wooden floor, and concrete walls seem drab, but it is perfect to create a personal “gallery.” These colors are perfect to display colorful paintings or digital arts, especially if they have large sizes.

16.  Concrete Walls and Parquet Floor


Improve an industrial room by using parquet floor. The intricate patterns are perfect to spice up concrete walls. High ceiling with wooden beams complements the entire look.

17.  Two-story Industrial Space


Two-story industrial space can consist of glass banisters, steel stair frames and railings, and red brick walls. Metal pendant lamps illuminate all the functional spots.

18.  All-white Industrial Look


Create a cool industrial look by using an all-white look. White brick walls and tile floor make the room feel larger. Use accents to cut the whiteness, such as dark grouts and black metal lamps.

Industrial interior design adds bold style into any house. Experiment with various combinations to get a more personal look.

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