17+ Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Welcome 2019

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kitchen backsplash ideas

Backsplash is more than a feature to protect the kitchen wall. Recent kitchen backsplash ideas show personality, mood, and unique design features.

From full-wall design to geometric patterns and bold colors, modern backsplash designs are anything but boring.

Emerging Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Consider

Kitchen backsplash used to be uninteresting and bland because it was considered a functional aspect. Now, it comes with a wide range of designs and materials. You can choose colorful, patterned, or subtle designs that reflect your personality.

There are various popular materials for backsplash, from rustic stone tiles to ceramic and marble. However, make sure you avoid faux finish, since it can slowly peel off over time. Invest in higher material quality for more durable backsplash.

Here are 17 backsplash ideas that you can use for 2019 kitchen remodeling project.

1.  Red Exposed Bricks


Red exposed brick backsplash is making a comeback with the rising popularity of industrial design. It also gives a pizzeria-like atmosphere in the kitchen. Exposed bricks are perfect if you rarely fry with a lot of oil, since they have low moisture resistance.

2.  Subway Tiles with Dark Grouts


Subway tiles are often considered old-fashioned or boring, but they are easy to clean. Using dark grouts can give more texture and visual impact on subway tile backsplash.

3. Brightly-colored Bricks


Bright or rich colors are now parts of contemporary kitchen designs, especially with the popularity of two-tone cabinets. You can complement the rich colors by painting the brick backsplash. They can be dark blue, green, red, or even yellow.

4. Small Mosaic Tiles


Small mosaic tiles create a colorful and cheerful look, but without being too garish. You can pick any color combinations that reflect the design. Two or three colors that alternate between dark and light make a great look.

5. Large Mosaic Tiles


Large mosaic tiles give richer visual options for a backsplash. Many tiles have unique patterns that you can alternate, creating a unique composition. The key is to choose subtle colors that complement each other.

6.  Dark Matte Backsplash


Dark matte backsplash continues the trend of matte kitchen design. Dark color creates a moody, elegant look that does not look boring in a kitchen. The matte color should complement the walls and cabinets.

7. Colorful Antique Tiles


Bring the classic to modern age by installing colorful antique tiles as backsplash. Tiles from 17th century Italy or 18th century France create elegant touch in a modern kitchen.

8.  Olive Green Square Tiles


Olive green is a great color for the kitchen, and it creates calming, receiving vibe. The green square tiles create a unique but subtle touch. This backsplash is perfect to be paired with wooden cabinets.

9. Penny Tiles


The rich penny tiles are making a comeback in contemporary design trend. These tiles are perfect for backsplash if you love a subtle design that has visual impact. Penny tiles also give vintage vibe, since they have been around since at least a century.

10.  Daisy Tiles


Daisy tiles have the titular flower as the main design them. They come in different variations, but they give the same cheerful effect when used as a backsplash. These tiles are perfect to give lively and feminine touch in a kitchen.

11.  Silver Tiles (for White Cabinet)


Silver tile backsplash may look common, but it shows elegant beauty when paired with all-white cabinets. They look even more elegant with off-white walls and grey tile floor.

12.  Modern Moroccan Tiles


Moroccan tiles are famous for their curved line designs and rich colors. However, if you like something more contemporary, you can find modern Moroccan tiles for the backsplash. These tiles keep the unique design lines but use subtler colors.

13.  Giant Marble Slab


Marble tile backsplash is common, but for a more dramatic look, use a giant marble slab as backsplash. The slab may come in different sizes to fill different spots, but the “whole” look of these large slabs create more visual impact.

14.  Terrazzo Backsplash


Terrazzo is a 2018 trend that will continue to next years. The markings and texture make this material perfect for subtle impact in the kitchen. Choose colorful terrazzo tiles that reflect your personality.

15.  Giant Subway Tiles with Mirror Finish


This backsplash improves the classic by enlarging the subway tile size and polishing the surface even more. The result is an impressive tile size that creates visual impact, plus beautiful mirror finish that lends modern, elegant look.

16.  Geometric Patterns


Geometric patterns are also popular in recent years due to their quirky but gender-neutral look. Geometric tiles are available to create a unique look without trying to much. You can also put emphasis on the geometric lines by lining the grouts with darker (or richer) color.

17.  Copper Backsplash


Copper is an unusual option for backsplash, but it is perfect to create a glamorous vintage look in the kitchen. Copper backsplash comes in various forms, such as penny tiles, square tiles, subway tiles, or even large slabs. They are great for all types of designs, from farmhouse, traditional, to contemporary.

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