19 Incredible Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 2019 Projects

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kitchen remodel ideas

Kitchen design trends come and go, but some stick around for several years. Several kitchen remodel ideas trends from 2017 and 2018 are likely to continue, while others stop trending. From matte coat to moody colors, enduring kitchen design trends will create art out of the common room.

Personality in 2019 Kitchen Remodel Trend

2019 kitchen design trend sees various options, but on of the most important things to apply is “personality”. Gone are a generic modern kitchen with bland design and color. The current kitchens have unique elements that show off the homeowner’s personality.

Here are 19 ideas to decorate your kitchen with more unique and personal elements.

1. Industrial Look and Grid Design


Industrial look, such as red bricks, high ceilings, and grid-based designs, is a popular choice for house decoration. The look can be 100 percent obvious or only appear as an accent in the kitchen. Grid design may appear on backsplash or cabinets, and you can use other types of stones than red bricks.

2. White Kitchen with More Colorful Accents


White kitchen never stops being popular, but the all-white room is now replaced with some bursts of colors. For example, instead of having all-white cabinets, you may want to install two-tone cabinets. One of the colors can be something richer, like blue or red.

3. All-dark Kitchen


All-dark kitchen replaces the all-white one for the 2019 competition. The dark tone creates a moody but elegant atmosphere. Black is not the only option, because you can use deep green or blue as the base color.

4. Statement Sinks and Faucets


Sinks and faucets get extra treatment in new kitchen trend. You may install unique, contemporary faucets and sinks to inject personality in the room. Choosing uncommon materials for such products also work.

5. English Countryside with Modern Twists


Classic kitchens from English countryside homes are making a comeback, but with modern twists. You may adopt the classic and subtle elements but add personal touches, such as favorite artworks.

6. Ergonomic/Hidden Table


Smart design trend continues to grow in recent years. The trend sees an ergonomic design that enables homeowners to save space. One of them is an ergonomic, hidden, or extendable table that you can adjust with the numbers of diners.

7. Glossy, Minimalistic Cabinets


Many cabinets now come with a glossy but minimalistic look, with minimum flair and no useless shapes on their exterior. The result is a slated design that looks modern.

8. Deep Drawers and Cabinets


cabinets are now available widely. You can use them to store things that are normally hung or placed outside due to sizes, such as pots and pans. This reduces dust accumulation and clutter in the kitchen.

9. Statement Pendant Lights


A unique pendant light can improve the tone of a simple kitchen. Statement pendant light is also great to display your personality in an instant way.

10. Statement Tools and Furniture


If you want to stick with a simple design, include statement tools and furniture in the design. Stools or chairs with unique designs will quickly catch the eyes, even if the kitchen is simple.

11. Light Terrazzo


Terrazzo is making a comeback in 2018 trend and beyond. The distinctive but elegant markings improve even the simplest kitchen. Popular terrazzo options nowadays have light colors, such as white, cream, and pastel.

12. Slim Column Fridge


Many new fridge designs show taller and slimmer look compared to the classic ones. This design helps saving space in the kitchen and creates a dramatic visual element, due to the height.

13. Concrete Elements


Modern kitchens return to concrete finish as a new trend for a stylish room. Concrete may appear as walls or countertops, providing a unique look in a sleek and modern kitchen.

14. Moroccan or Mediterranean Mosaics


The colorful Moroccan and Mediterranean tiles are turned into amazing mosaics in modern kitchen trends. They may appear as a backsplash, kitchen island’s exterior, floor, or artwork.

15. Matte Surfaces


Slick and gloss may look modern, but matte helps to break this tired trend. You can opt for all-matte finish for all the kitchen surfaces to create a unique look. A matte look is also great when combined with dark colors.

16. Richly-patterned Floor


The “statement floor” can improve a simple kitchen. Instead of subtle patterns on tiles or wooden floor, opt for rich colors and unique patterns. They can also be paired with the colors of two-tone cabinets.

17. Bold Mix-and-match


Playing with several patterns, textures, and colors becomes more popular in new kitchen trend. Instead of sticking with the clean and bare look, kitchen owners should be more adventurous. For example, homeowners can mix wood, metal, and concrete, or play with simple and complicated patterns.

18. Black with Gold Accents


Gold accents inject more personality in a trendy black kitchen, creating a sense of vintage luxury without being old. Black glossy cabinets look great with gold handles or knobs.

19. Colored Appliances


New kitchen trend does not stick with stainless appliances. Matching a kitchen’s tone with black ovens, blue stove sets, or maroon fridge will add a nice touch to a common-looking room.


Kitchen remodel trends in 2019 inject some personality and mood to a room full of appliances. Try these ideas for your next remodeling project, and show off your personality in the kitchen.

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