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17+ Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas and Trends for 2019

kitchen storage ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas – The year 2018 still sees the popularity of smart, clutter-free kitchen, and this trend is likely to hold until 2019. Many designers came up with clever kitchen storage ideas to maximize space without cluttering. These designs apply creative, even unthinkable ways to use space in the kitchen.

Why are Smart Kitchen Storage Ideas Important?

Minimalist or clutter-free lifestyle has become a part of modern society. This option is perfect for small house and providing the less-stressful indoor environment. The growing population in urban areas also demand more efficient house designs, including the storage spaces.

Smart storage spaces also help homeowners reducing accident risks, especially in the kitchen. The small kitchen has higher accident risks, especially with the trip, fall, and slip hazards. Making the kitchen more open and less cluttered will help with maneuvering.

Smart Kitchen Storage Ideas

Here are several clever kitchen storage ideas you can consider for the next remodeling project:

1. Shelves on the backsplash


The backsplash is more than a visual ornament in the kitchen! You can install extra shelves on the backsplash to place cooking products, cups, small plates, or other things you need to reach quickly.

2. Tall cabinet with sliding ladder


“Going vertical” is a common structural strategy to create more space in a crowded area. Instead of the bulky cabinet, install a tall cabinet that reaches the ceiling. Add a sliding ladder for easier access.

3. Corner cabinet/shelves


The corners of the room are perfect as additional storage space. Corner cabinet/shelves make good use of the room’s awkward “L” shape. You can place small kitchen tools or products that need to be grabbed easily.

4. Lazy Susan in L cabinets


Save further space by equipping your L cabinets with Lazy Susan. This is a mini rolling shelf that is installed on a corner space. The rolling mechanism makes accessing stuff easier.

5. Bar-and-hooks for cup hanging


If you have an extra room under the shelves, install a metal bar and several hooks. This bar serves as a nice place to hang cups or mugs. You can free some space and prevent the cups from easily falling.

6. Wall drawer with pegs


Wall drawer with removable pegs is useful to store crockeries, such as plates, saucers, and bowls. You can save a place in the wardrobe or cabinet, and they free up some space on the floor.

7. Curved countertops for temporary storage


A flat countertop can make it hard to work with round ingredients, like eggs or fruits. Avoid using additional bowls when working with them by adding a curved spot on the surface (can be customized during purchase).

8. Floating shelves near window


Space near the window is usually cleared to prevent your view from being obstructed. However, you can use space on both sides of the window by installing floating shelves. You can place flower pots, spices, or cups.

9. Floating shelves above window


Space above the window is also an empty spot so that you can get creative with it. Install a floating shelf with a color that matches your wall and window frames (if any). You can place fancy ceramics, artworks, or empty tins, bottles, and jars you may want to reuse.

10. Stacked wicker baskets


Wicker baskets are not just for the laundry room. Stacked baskets are great as dry storage places in the kitchen. Great to keep the dry cutting board, aprons, or cleaning supplies.

11. Slide/pull-out cabinet


A pull-out cabinet looks like one thing, but you will not see its extension mechanism unless you open it. There are additional shelves inside that will slide out, thanks to a smart mechanism that can save space.

12. Round etagere for the corner


Etagere (open shelves) usually come in square shapes. However, you can find round etagere that can be placed on the corner. Great to keep potted plants/herbs or recipe books.

13. Stylish pan hangers


Pan hangers now come in various shapes and materials. You can choose any model that suits your kitchen design. There are stainless, bronze, brass, and even recycled wood hangers.

14. Retractable hanging rack


Another smart way to store pans is by using a retractable hanging rack. It usually consists of a simple bar, hooks, and retracting mechanism, installed in the floor cabinet. You can hang the pans and hide them from sight when not using them.

15. Multipurpose kitchen island


Large kitchen island has many potentials as storage space. You can customize it to get the extra shelf on the sides. However, multipurpose kitchen islands are now available at many stores, due to increasing popularity.

16. Storage space in benches


If you often entertain in the kitchen or love having cozy atmosphere when cooking and eating, buy benches that have storage space inside. They are great additions for a cozy kitchen, and you get extra space for storing stuff.

17. Mini pull-out shelves


Ever seen pull-out shelves used by restaurant and catering staffs? You can get one with a slim size for your kitchen. These shelves are practical, hold many things, and don’t eat too much space.

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