17+ Luxurious Kitchen Tile Backsplashes for 2019 Trends

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Kitchen tile is no longer a simple feature to protect the wall from stains. Kitchen tile backsplashes now come in unique, even luxurious designs. Trendy backsplashes have a wide range of colors, patterns, and even materials.

Make your kitchen more beautiful with elegant tile backsplashes. Here are inspirations to try in your next remodeling project.

1.      Large Grey Granite Slabs


Granite slabs make your kitchen look expensive. Adding grey granite slabs with rich patterns as a backsplash can also improve your property value. This backsplash design is perfect for grey, black, or red kitchen cabinets.

2.      Black Marble Tile Backsplash


Another expensive option, black marble offers a dramatic look in the kitchen. Black marble tile backsplash will improve any kitchen, especially if the dominant interior color is light. Black marble backsplash is perfect if you want a white but not boring kitchen.

3.      White Marble Backsplash for Blue Kitchen


White marble tile backsplash offers a softer, more elegant look compared to grey or black. You can use it to decorate a white kitchen. However, for a more contemporary look, try pairing white marble backsplash with blue cabinets.

4.      Antique European Tile Backsplash


Antique Spanish or French tiles make beautiful, elegant backsplash. Tiles from the 17th or 18th century, for example, have a royal charm that improves a modern kitchen. Many of these tiles have floral or other classic motifs.

5.      Hand-painted Tile Backsplash


Hand-painted tile backsplash offers personal charm in a common kitchen. Many hand-painted products are quite expensive because of the craftsmanship. However, you can get custom-made products to adorn the kitchen based on your personality.

6.      Bright-colored Glass Tiles


Glass tiles provide a brilliant, glossy look on the backsplash. To make the backsplash less boring, choose glass tiles that have a bright color. Blue, red, or green are great colors for the kitchen. They go well with 2019 kitchen trend that experiments with bright colors.

7.      Blue Quartzite Tile Backsplash


Experiment with different minerals to get unique kitchen tile backsplashes. Blue quartzite tiles are less popular compared to marble or granite. However, the beautiful patterned blue makes your kitchen more eye-catching. The blue looks great with grey or beige shades.

8.      Bronze Tile Backsplash


Bronze tile backsplash provides a unique look in the kitchen, but not as “industrial” as stainless, for example. Bronze’s earthy color is perfect to pair with various colors. However, warm colors work the best for this backsplash type.

9.      Glass Tiles with Hidden LED Lights


Glass tiles with hidden LED lights combine beauty and practicality. The LED lights are parts of the current smart home trend. The large glass tiles create a brilliant, almost sheer look in the kitchen. The glossy surface reflects the LED lights beautifully.

10.  Marble Tiles with Chevron Patterns


Chevron patterns provide a unique but subtle twist to regular marble tiles. The patterns are geometric, which mean they are “mature-looking.” The design is also timeless and can be paired with any decorative elements.

11.  3D Decal Tile Backsplash


3D decal tiles create a unique but still understated backsplash. The textured make these tiles prominent, but you can pick the white or subtly-colored tiles to make the kitchen more elegant. You can order them in certain sizes.

12.  Moroccan Mosaic Tiles


Moroccan mosaic tiles are famous for their intricate designs. Having this type of backsplash will create a strong character in your kitchen design. The more contemporary types pay more attention to subtler elegance instead of brilliant colors.

13.  Art Deco Tiles Patterns


Add vintage charm by installing a tile backsplash in Art Deco patterns. Associated with the 1920s, these patterns reflect the Golden Age and can make your kitchen look opulent.

14.  Custom Tile Patterns


You can make your tile backsplash more interesting by using custom tile patterns. For example, you can create Tetris or Tic-Tac-Toe patterns on the tiles. They will brighten your kitchen.

15.  Living “Tiles” for Natural Kitchen


There are new tile designs that emphasize natural elements. “Living tiles,” for example, are made of certain materials that make them ideal as growing media. Herbs or moss may grow from certain tile surfaces, so they create beautiful formation.

16.  Color Formations with Matchstick Tiles


Matchstick tiles are perfect to create color formations on your backsplash. When you view them from afar, the lines between different colors can look blended, creating unique backsplash shades. You can also create zigzag patterns with matchstick tiles that have several colors.

17.  Decorated Cement Tiles


Many cement tiles have beautiful designs and colors, including complicated ones. Cement surface is not too porous, perfect as a backsplash. However, cement tiles are heavy and expensive, and they cannot handle household products with acid.

18.  Terrazzo Tiles


Terrazzo trend also reaches tile backsplash. These tiles come in various patterns and colors. Terrazzo tiles also have unique natural patterns that will improve the simplest kitchen. Terrazzo tiles are available in various colors or pattern variations.

Luxurious kitchen tile backsplashes will make the most boring kitchen into an interesting one. Consider these options when shopping for tiles.

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