15+ Cozy Living Room Décor You Can Try in 2019

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The year 2019 sees the comeback of Boho design, bold colors, and light flooring for living room décor. There is also an emphasis on daily comfort and compact design. The rise of the urban population and a decrease in family size also affect the way people decorate their houses.

Decorating a living room should bring you the most comfortable result, without sacrificing beauty. Here are several great ideas to decorate a living room.

1.      Simple Living Room with Funky Rugs


Beautiful rugs or carpets get the main spot in modern living room design. If you prefer simpler room look, choose patterned carpets or textured rugs. Don’t hesitate to choose a rug with colorful patterns and color combination.

2.      Bold, Solid Colors


2019 design trend encourages homeowners to play with bold wall colors. Bottle green, navy blue, orange, or cherry red are considered normal for a living room. The trick is to make sure that there is enough light to reduce cramped looks, such as from windows and mood lightings.

3.      Nontraditional Seating Arrangement


Forget typical couch or sofa arrangement in a living room. If you don’t think that large sofa is necessary, ditch it and choose more suitable seats. Bean bags, L-seats, or wicker chairs can be great additions for a living room.

4.      White Sink with Colored Metal


White sink becomes out of the ordinary with colored metal faucets. Bronze or brass creates a luxurious look when paired with an ordinary white sink. To make the look more memorable, choose a sink that has a different look from usual, such as square or round bowl.

5.      Decorative Pillows and Cushions


Pillows and cushions create comfort while adding visual attraction to your living room. There are various pillow or cushion designs that you can order based on your personality. Combining different pillow patterns and colors on one seat can create a unique look.

6.      Mid-century Armchairs with Bright Colors


Mid-century armchairs are popular items for modern living room décor. They are comfortable, and available in various sizes. To prevent outdated look, choose armchairs that have bright colors. Red, green, or red are great bold colors for such seats.

7.      Modern Japanese-style Living Room


The Japan-inspired living room offers a relaxing vibe, fewer bulks, and natural elements. A low table and seating pillows allow guests to sit casually on the floor. However, there should be a few seats for more options. Install sliding door and add several green potted plants to create Japanese elements.

8.      Unique Coffee Table


Emphasis on specific furniture items is another modern design trend. Choosing an unusual coffee table, such as in the form of a tree log or asymmetrical glass panel, will give more personality to your living room.

9.      Color Mix-and-match


Mixing bright colors will make your living room pop. The key is to choose a key piece, such as painting, and choose furniture with colors that appear in the piece. For example, if a painting consists of dark blue, white, and mustard yellow colors, choose items that have such colors.

10.  Repurposed Furniture


Recycled objects add extra personality to your living room. Wooden crates or old wooden panels can be turned into coffee tables or shelves. There are also furniture items made from pieces of polished logs or stumps.

11.  Living Room with Mood Lights


Don’t depend on a single lamp to create amazing decoration. Mood lights create an intimate atmosphere and illuminate specific spots in a living room. They are great to emphasize specific furniture or artwork.

12.  Nautical/Beach Designs


Nautical or beach design elements create a relaxing vibe in a living room. Use seashell, fish, or starfish patterns on the fabrics. Incorporate colors like blue and turquoise, with beige or sand yellow as the “neutral” shades.

13.  Color Bursts amidst Neutral Shades


If you hesitate to use bold colors in a living room, try adding bursts of colors instead. Use neutral shades as the basics, such as grey, beige, or light brown. Add color bursts by adding pillows, carpets, flowers in vases, and wall decorations. Use several bright colors and daring patterns.

14.  Decorative Bookshelves


Bookshelves are more than just practical items. Add unique bookshelves in the living room so they can work as decorations. You can also install simple, airy shelves to place decorative items alongside books.

15.  Light Wooden Floor and Lilac Color


Light wooden floor looks perfect when paired with lilac. This beautiful color was popular in 2017 and 2018, but still quite popular in 2019. Use dark grey as the “basic” color to bridge the floor and the lilac elements. For example, you can install grey sofas with lilac pillows.

16.  Black Furniture and Unique Lamp


Black furniture and unique pendant lamp or chandelier create an elegant, contemporary look. It is perfect if you don’t like feminine or overly bright design. Choose a pendant lamp with a unique design and impressive size. Choose black items that have a glossy surface for a more interesting look.

Creating a great living room décor in 2019 requires understanding about your comfort and aesthetic preferences. Forget outdated trend and start creating the best living room based on your taste.

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