17+ Best Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for 2019 Projects

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Rustic kitchen cabinets

Forget the all-white kitchen cabinet trend. Rustic kitchen cabinets are now the hottest trend in 2019. Leaving behind the boring, all-white interior design, vintage furniture and reclaimed wood are rising in trend this year. Rustic cabinets are perfect for various designs, from farmhouse to Bohemian.

Here are 17 ideas you can copy for the next remodeling/construction project.

1.      Light Blue Cabinets with Blue Backsplash

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Light blue injects relaxing atmosphere in the kitchen. Light blue cabinets make even the simplest kitchen look pop. Blue tile backsplash completes the look. This color looks good if paired with dark wood, such as on the floor or furniture items.

2.      White Classic Cabinets with Brick Walls


If you want white cabinets, pair them with statement walls, not another white. Classic red brick walls look great with white classic-style cabinets. For a more modern look, use grey or even black bricks for the walls.

3.      Wood Panel Cabinets


Wood panels have unique shades and grain patterns that contribute to the rustic look. Wood panel cabinets are perfect for a farmhouse or Bohemian-style kitchens. Farmhouse long table and benches complete the look.

4.     Uniformed Cabinet and Kitchen Floor


Uniformed wooden cabinets and kitchen floor create a sleek look, despite the rustic materials. Different materials, such as stainless and colored metal, can appear as appliances or furniture parts to cut the monotone shade.

5.     Rustic Cabinets with French Glass Panels


French glass panels make everything look more elegant and modern. Rustic wooden cabinets will look sleeker when paired with French glass panels. The panels also allow beautiful cutlery and ceramic dishes to be displayed.

6.     Stormy Grey Cabinets with Brown Countertop


Stormy grey is perfect to create a “moody” atmosphere in a kitchen. The color also helps soften the rustic look, perfect for creating more romantic or intimate dining room. Brown countertop can break the cool color, infusing a little warmth and variation.

7.     Ceramic Dish Cabinets from Recycled Wood


Recycled wood looks a bit rough, but it is one of the most popular materials for rustic kitchen cabinets. Cabinets from recycled wood create beautiful contrast if used to display ceramic dishes. The cabinets should have glass panels or open shelves to display the ceramics.

8.     Lime Green Cabinets


Lime green is a refreshing color for a kitchen, reflecting vegetables, fruits, and fresh herbs. Rustic cabinets will look more interesting with this color. Lime green looks great if combined with dark grey or brown countertop.

9.     Rustic Cabinets with Granite Countertop


A granite countertop provides a unique look in rustic cabinets. It is perfect for homeowners who like the combination of function and aesthetic. Dark granite with subtle patterns is perfect for dark wooden cabinets.

10.   Floor Cabinets with Open Shelves


Floor cabinets with open shelves are perfect for small space. The open shelves are also useful to display cute mugs or beautiful ceramic dishes. Cup hooks under the bottom shelf increase the cabinet set capacity.

11.   Country House Cabinets


Country house cabinets create a warm rural atmosphere, even in a modern home. This cabinet set is perfect when paired with vintage pots, mason jars, and wooden furniture. Natural stone is a suitable material for the countertop.

12.   Vintage Parisian Kitchen Cabinets


Vintage Parisian kitchen cabinets look classy with their crown molding. White or light brown is a perfect color to create an elegant look. However, black or grey can bring a moody atmosphere, perfect for an eclectic kitchen.

13.   White Cabinets with White Brick Walls


White on white may be old trend color, but using unique materials creates a richer look from the textures. White cabinets look amazing when paired with white brick walls. Rustic brick walls create a rural European house look. Add wooden countertop to reduce the monotone shade.

14.   Rustic Cabinets with Mosaic Backsplash


Pairing rustic cabinets with colorful mosaic backsplash create a Mediterranean look. The mosaic tile patterns can be anything you prefer, such as classic flowers or modern graphics. Colorful mosaic backsplash makes rustic cabinets look more modern.

15.   Red Cabinets


The red kitchen became a trend in 2018, but it is still big in 2019. Red rustic cabinets create a more eye-catching atmosphere, even with simple interior design. Pairing red rustic cabinets with dark countertops will create contemporary tone (despite the cabinets’ rustic design).

16.   Rustic Cabinets with Built-in Appliances


Built-in appliances create a unique contrast with rustic cabinets. Stainless fridge or dark oven, for example, improve the old-school look of a rustic cabinet set. You can also experiment with brightly-colored appliances, like a red oven or blue fridge, to create built-in appliance in the cabinet.

17.   Two-tone Rustic Cabinets


Two-tone rustic cabinets give a different look in one set. They can be black and white, red and black, or brown and lime green. Two-tone cabinets provide less monotone look in a kitchen, even with the simplest interior design.

18.   Rustic Cabinets with Terrazzo Floor

Rustic cabinets go well with terrazzo. Installing terrazzo floor with the rustic cabinets creates an eclectic but earthy look.

Rustic kitchen cabinets will not look old when combined properly. Choosing the perfect floor, walls, countertops, or paint job will improve rustic cabinets.

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