17 Beautiful Small Bathroom Ideas in 2019 for Family Homes

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small bathroom designs

Not all people with families can afford large, luxurious bathrooms. However, small bathroom ideas are perfect for families with kids or old people.

Smaller size makes the bathroom safer and more accessible, and you can decorate it with a more intimate way. Here are 17 decorating ideas for small bathrooms.

1.      Dark, Exposed Plumbing


Exposed plumbing creates an industrial look that has become so popular in the last several years. If you have simple white walls, exposed plumbing will create great contrast. Coat the plumbing system with black color for more dramatic accent.

2.      Hidden Drainage Holes


Many bathroom designers have applied subtle design to hide the drainage holes. In the marble bathroom, for example, the drainage holes are hidden behind the marble’s dark markings. The lack of drainage holes creates a more exclusive look, even in a small bathroom.

3.      Concrete and Wood


Concrete and wood have a “raw” look that becomes interesting when combined. Concrete walls are trending in 2018 and 2019. Pairing it with a wooden floor will create an impressive statement. Wooden floor also reduces the utilitarian look in a concrete.

4.      Window Vanity


A window makes a small bathroom look bigger. To save even more space, place the vanity set in front of the window. Install the sink and floating shelves in front of a vertical window. Instead of a large mirror, use a round pedestal mirror you can place on the window sill.

5.      Gallery Wall


A small, simple bathroom will look posh when you add a gallery wall. Use photo collections, digital artworks, handicrafts, or paintings to create a collage. You can also use secondhand objects, like a collection of hand mirrors from a flea market.

6.      Black Bathroom


Black seems like a risky option for small bathroom ideas. However, black also creates a moody, dramatic look, which improves a simple small bathroom. Try using black for the main features such as walls and bathroom cabinets. Make sure to install adequate lighting for a more balanced look.

7.      Unique Powder Room Walls


If you have a powder room outside the main bathroom, use unique walls to decorate it. People see the powder room first before entering the bathroom. Having unique, colorful walls will create a positive impression, balancing a simple bathroom.

8.      Large, Decorative Mirror


A bathroom mirror is an important factor for a small space. The mirror reflects the room, creating a “larger space” illusion. The decorative mirror will immediately draw people’s eyes toward it. Don’t hesitate to pick the most eye-catching mirror you could find (including from the flea market).

9.      Ledge Storage Space


Forget the usual wall cabinet or recessed shelving. Ledge storage is happening in small bathroom trends. The ledge has a sleeker, cleaner look, and can be disguised easily. You can store more bathroom supplies without making a visual mess.

10.  Circular Mirrors


The year 2019 sees the rising popularity of circular mirrors in the bathroom. Circular mirrors provide softer visual than the sharp-edged squares. They also take less space, perfect for a small bathroom. Modern circular mirrors hang from unique suspension systems, which add to the unique element in the bathroom.

11.  Bathroom with Hidden Smart Features


A smart bathroom is no longer a futuristic space because the appliances are widely available. The newer trend is “hiding” the appliances, making the bathroom look seamless. For example, a flat mirror may hide a smart LCD screen, which you can use to regulate lights and temperature.

12.  Color Bursts in Soft Grey Bathroom


Soft grey is loved as an alternative for white in modern bathroom design. Grey is a neutral, cool color, but not boring like white. The soft grey is often paired with bursts of bright colors. For example, you may install a decorative tile floor or colored metal fixtures.

13.  Statement Bathtub


A bathtub can become a statement piece for a small bathroom. Many bathrooms come in unique designs, such as transparent, colorful, or asymmetrical tubs. Make sure the tubs have curved, smooth edges, especially in a house with little or old family members.

14.  Mini Spa


A mini spa is great for a family bathroom, especially if you play with colors. Prepare a specific spot to sit while scrubbing, such as a mini stool in the corner. Make your supply storage spaces accessible. Install wooden floor on the driest spot in the bathroom.

15.  Fluted Molding


Fluted molding job creates a rippled effect on the surface of door frames or vanity cabinets. These rippled effects look like thin lines/stripes from afar. This is a surface trend in 2019 that creates eye-catching visual, without adding too many bulks.

16.  Open-concept Rain Shower


Open-concept shower is a great idea to open up a small bathroom. You can extend the shower into a semi-open space (especially for a first-floor bathroom). Installing a rain shower makes the bathroom feel more “natural.” Rain shower also makes it easier for wheelchair-bound people.

17.  Integrated Green Space


Teach family members to appreciate nature by adding green space in the bathroom. You can hang mini plants in repurposed jars, or place pots on wall shelves. If you have extra money, create a small patch of soil with plants in the bathroom.

These small bathroom ideas will improve even the simplest family bathroom. Accommodate everyone in your family with these modern features.

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