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17+ Two-tone Kitchen Cabinets That Will Take Off in 2019

two tone kitchen ideas

Creating two color tones in one kitchen cabinet set is a great way to create impact. Two-tone kitchen cabinets are becoming more popular and will stay that way until 2019. Find out what’s the hot trend for 2019 and take your inspiration from several great examples.

Modern Two-tone Kitchen Cabinets Trends

Kitchen cabinet makes have created two-tone designs, but the new trend provides two options for different taste owners. You can buy a cabinet with muted/neutral color combinations. On the other side, you can go bold with intense or bright colors.

Popular colors that rise in popularity recently are blue, green, yellow, and orange. You can also use the natural colors of materials to complement the overall two-tone look. However, using bright colors in sleek and modern ways is the best option to show off your personality.

List of Two-tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Here are 17 great ideas to create two-tone cabinets for your new or upgraded kitchen:

1.      White and Navy Blue with Wooden Floor


Navy blue is a “safe” option for the darker look without being too overboard. White wall cabinets and Navy-blue floor cabinets look great with wooden floor. White walls complement the overall look.

2.      Dark Brown and Blue Wooden Cabinets


Add traditional touch with dark wooden cabinets combined with blue. You can create variation by choosing some top and bottom cabinet parts to be painted with blue. Since the tone is a bit dark, make sure your kitchen is well-lit or having large windows.

3.      Wood and Creamy Colors


Wood-dominated kitchen is making a comeback, so why not combine it with similar but lighter tone? Wood cabinets with natural grain patterns look sleek in a modern kitchen, and cream (instead of white) create a great pair. Stainless elements from appliances complement the look.

4.      Black and White Kitchen


Black and white is a classic combo you can apply for an easy two-tone kitchen. Install white wall cabinets and black floor cabinets, with ornate or gold handles. Pair them with checkered vinyl floor and pendant lamp.

5.      White and Dark Wood Cabinets (with Glass Panels)


Combine the old and new with traditional dark wood cabinets that have glass panels. The glass allows people to see your beautiful crockery. The floor cabinets can have white colors with simple molding and dark ornate handles.

6.      White and Teal Cabinets


Unlike the intense dark blue, teal creates a more calming and refreshing look. Use the teal as the floor cabinets to create “base” in the kitchen. You can pair this combo with simple white or soft grey walls.

7.      White and Orange Cabinets


A splash of orange will make a simple white kitchen more memorable. Use bright orange as a part of your cabinets but use white to balance it. This combination looks perfect with white, light yellow, or light grey walls.

8.      White and Red Cabinets


Another favorite for the bold look, white and red will “wake” your eyes with the intensity. The red element looks great when combined with things or themes such as apples, strawberries, cherries, or chili peppers.

9.      Charcoal Grey and Saffron Yellow Cabinets


Saffron yellow is a perfect spice-related color to adorn your kitchen. pairing saffron yellow with charcoal grey in kitchen cabinets will create a bright look. Perfect for modern kitchen with “fresh” twist.

10.   Cream and Dark Blue Cabinets


If you are bored with white, cream can become a nice neutral shade with a “warm” look. Cream looks good when paired with dark blue. The walls can be white, cream, or light grey.

11.   Cream and Dark Green Cabinets


Cream and dark green create colorful but “safe” combination for a kitchen. Green is also perfect for a kitchen. Paint the walls with mauve or cream to create a beautiful combo.

12.   Black and Yellow Cabinets


Black and yellow create good contrast that still looks familiar. Black cabinets are perfect for the floor part, while yellow is for the wall part. This combination can be “neutralized” with white walls and light wooden floor.

13.   White, Brown, and Black (in Different Textures)


Playing with textures can add dimension in a simple cabinet set. Black cabinets with glass panels and white background walls are great for a simple look. Spice it up with unpolished wooden panels that give a rustic look.

14.   Cream and Turquoise Cabinets


For lighter color combination, cream and turquoise make a great pair. The turquoise may adorn the floor cabinets, while the cream is for the top. Wooden floor with slightly darker tone complements the look.

15.   Off-white and Dark Grey Cabinets


Combining dark grey with off-white creates a subtler look for a simple kitchen. A patterned tile backsplash can “fill” the otherwise empty background.

16.    The “Citrus” Tones


Make your kitchen look more fun by using citrus tones. Orange, yellow, and green are great to create a bright look. You can choose muted versions of these colors for a subtler look.

17.   Any Colors with Gold Hardware


You can improve any two-tone cabinets with gold hardware, such as handles and knobs. Regardless of the color combo, gold accents will add a unique touch to it. You can choose the ornate or sleek, modern types.

Two-tone kitchen cabinets create an amazing look in your kitchen without doing too much. Choose your favorite tines, and create a personalized look in your home.

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